What rate structure am I on?

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Your rate structure depends on the type of meter currently installed at your home. You could be on a single rate for all the electricity you use in your home, no matter the time of day it is used. Other rate structures, such as ‘time-of-use’ rates, charge a higher rate at peak usage times (like dinner time) and then drop down to a low rate at off-peak times (like during the night).

When you first sign up to Mojo, your rate structure will remain as it was before you signed up, eg if you were on time-of-use rates, you will continue to be billed on time-of-use rates. We will send you Mojo’s rates for your applicable rate structure shortly after you sign up.

After Plus+ customers transfer to Mojo, we’ll install a new Smart Meter at your home so you view your live usage data via MyMojo. Mojo will also keep an eye on your usage patterns for you and if it looks like you would save more on another rate structure, we’ll suggest a change. If you’d like to change your rate structure, we’ll then arrange this for you.

Using this data, we can also start to look at a whole range of options for your home and family to assist in driving your electricity charges down.

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