Change Your Postal Address

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Need to inform us of a change of postal address? It couldn’t be easier! Here’s how you do it.

Log into your  MyMojo account. You’ll be presented with your personal dashboard, where you can view your current spend and usage for the month so far.

Click Account Settings and the first page you’ll come to is the Account Details page. Here you’ll find your basic account details, such as your account number and how long you’ve been with us. 

To change your postal address, scroll down until you find Your Account Service Address. In the blue box, you’ll find your postal address - just click that little pencil symbol on the right.

Simply add your details, hit save and it’s changed.

Please note, that if you’re changing service address (that is the property which Mojo is supplying with electricity), you’ll need to do something different – see this article.

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