Check Your Electricity Rates and EnergyPassᵀᴹ Subscription

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Want to quickly check the details of your Mojo account, including your rates and EnergyPassTM level? It’s so easy! Here’s How.

Log into your MyMojo account. You’ll be presented with your personal dashboard, where you can view your current spend and usage for the month so far.

Click Account Settings and the first page you’ll come to is the Account Details page. Here you’ll find your basic account details, such as your account number and how long you’ve been with us. 

On the left hand menu underneath the Mojo logo, click Plans & Pricing. Here you’ll find your account number, service address, type of EnergyPassTM and whether you’ve had a smart meter installed.

Underneath you’ll find your energy rates, including and excluding GST. These rates will vary depending on the tariff you’re on; which could be either single rate pricing or time of use, and could include solar or a controlled load system.

You can scroll down further to find more information about the EnergyPassTM you are on.

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