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This is the exciting bit! Now you’ve got your smart meter, you’re definitely going to be wanting to see all the wonderful usage data that it’s been collecting about you and your home. Here’s how to do it.

Log into your MyMojo account. You’ll be presented with your personal dashboard – this where you get your first insight into your month’s electricity spend. In the example below, the customer is 9 days into the current month and they have used $37 of electricity. Based on their current consumption (and some other factors like the forecasted weather), we predict that by the end of the month, their bill will be $129.

But that’s not nearly all – next click the box that says View Daily Breakdown.

Here you can view your usage by day, across each month since your smart meter has been up and running. This is shown by the yellow bars in the chart and will give you an invaluable insight into which days you’ve been consuming a lot of energy.

Clicking the little arrows either side of the month will allow to you view your past usage.

If you have solar panels installed, you can find out how much of a saving you’ve been getting per day through your system – shown by clicking the green bars underneath.

You can also toggle from daily spend to daily usage, using the Spend vs Usage dial.

To see how you can break down the information into half-hour increments, click here.

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