Why did I not save money?

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At Mojo, we are fully transparent with our prices. There are no sneaky retail mark-ups or unfair discounts. Everyone pays 0% mark up rates for their electricity and a fixed monthly or annual EnergyPass®.

As such, whilst most people are likely to save money with Mojo, there are a couple of reasons why you might not:

  • Your current energy usage is not high enough. Typically Mojo works out better for those with above average consumption. This is because percentage-based retail mark-ups are replaced with a fixed fee and broadly speaking the higher the margin you pay to your retailer, the more you are likely to save (see the next point for a disclaimer!).
  • Most energy retailers give discounts to some customers and not others. Often they are used as a means to stop customers from leaving. A high discount from your retailer could impact whether or not you save with Mojo.
  • You may be currently receiving estimated bills from your retailer, which can be an inaccurate reflection of your actual energy usage. If you are receiving a low estimate, it may mean that you do not save with Mojo. For more information on estimated bills, click here.

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