Why am I paying an EnergyPass®?

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Your Mojo EnergyPass® gives you access to our 0% mark up energy rates.

With other energy retailers, a percentage mark-up is added to the energy costs (generation, network, metering and government fees) which goes to the retailer. This means the greater the amount of energy consumed, the higher the retail mark-up. At Mojo, we’ve found a fairer way to operate. We charge a monthly subscription and don’t mark up our expected costs of buying and delivering energy. As our rates are substantially cheaper than other retailers' advertised rates, there is a good chance we can save you money - particularly if you use a lot of energy.

But here's the kicker; In addition, if you take a Plus+ EnergyPass®, you’ll also get your meter upgraded to a smart meter allowing you to track and manage your energy usage in real time* through your MyMojo portal.

*Where available.

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