What are Mojo’s 0% mark up energy rates?

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Simply put; 0% mark up rates are electricity rates that have not had a retail profit margin added to the rates price. What we charge you is the same price we expect to pay for energy.

Mojo’s 0% mark up electricity rates are made of 4 components that are passed onto our customers at our anticipated cost price. These 4 broad cost components are - generation, network, metering and government charges.

Generators + Networks + Metering charges + Government charges

  • Generators produce the electricity in far-flung parts of the country (generally close to coal mines). Mojo purchases this electricity from the Australian market.
  • Networks transport this electricity from the generators to your home.
  • Metering charges cover the installation, servicing and reading of the meter at your home.
  • Government charges include GST and multiple government schemes relating to things such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Some of these are known flat costs, whereas others are not. They may depend on things such as the market price of electricity or our customers’ usage. Therefore, we have to make certain assumptions in setting our 0% mark up rates. This is what we mean when we talk about the anticipated direct costs of purchasing and delivering energy.

Our 0% mark up rates may give you savings depending on your individual circumstances and energy usage. You can access our 0% mark up rates with an EnergyPass®.

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