How do other energy retailers make money?

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At Mojo, we do things a bit differently - and more fairly - than other energy retailers. We offer our customers access to our 0% mark up energy rates through our EnergyPass®. We don’t mark-up our expected costs of buying and delivering electricity.

Other energy retailers do mark up their rates. In addition to the energy costs; which consist of generation, network, metering and government fees - they add on their own percentage mark up. This means that the more energy consumed, the more profit they make per customer. This is despite the fact the work required to service each customer is often the same. So a large family with high energy usage will pay a lot more to their retailer than a low energy consuming couple - and they will not get anything more for their money. Mojo does not make money this way, our profit comes from the flat rate we charge for our EnergyPass®, meaning everyone is treated fairly.

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