Why wasn't my smart meter installed?

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If your smart meter installation was due to occur but didn't, it could be that either there is a reason your meter cannot be installed or there were unforeseen circumstances on the day. These could include:

Reasons why we may not be able to install your meter

  • Asbestos located on your meter-board
  • Meter-board is too small
  • Meter-board / parts of the meter-board inaccessible
  • Site is in a regional area

Unforeseen circumstances on the day:

  • Extreme weather conditions make the installation impossible
  • Inaccessibility of meter (eg. behind locked gate)
  • A dog (or other pet) makes entry into the property dangerous
  • Availability of metering provider on the agreed date

In both cases we will be in touch to explain why it did not happen and if possible, re-arrange installation.

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