Understanding Mojo rates

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With Mojo’s EnergyPass®, you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access our 0% mark up energy rates. Other energy retailers include a percentage mark-up on top of the standard energy costs. Many customers should see a saving by switching to Mojo, particularly those with higher energy usage.

Upon joining Mojo, you’ll be required to pay your EnergyPass® up-front - for customers paying monthly, this will be the first month and for those paying annually - who receive 4 months free - this will be the full year.

Once connected, you’ll then receive monthly bills. These bills will cover the 0% mark up energy costs and for monthly customers, also their EnergyPass® fee. The 0% mark up energy costs include generation, network, metering and government fees. For more information on 0% mark up rates, click here.

On your bill you’ll see various charges, depending on which tariff you are on. These will always include a daily supply charge - which is fixed and is a cost to keep your home connected and usage charges which increase as you use more energy.

  • If you’re on a single rate tariff, you’ll see one flat rate for all usage. For more information click here.
  • If you’re on a time of use tariff, you’ll see varying usage charges for different times of the day. For more information click here.
  • If your bill includes a controlled load, which may relate to an electric hot water system or a swimming pool, there will be an additional daily supply and usage charge. For more information click here.
  • If you have solar, you’ll receive a credit for any excess solar you send back to the grid. This is your solar feed-in tariff. For more information click here.

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