Everything you need to know about the solar installation process

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" Honey, we need to talk about solar.” - Australian Proverb

So, what’s the deal with getting solar? For many a savvy energy customer in NSW and QLD, solar is an attractive proposition that can offer considerable value. But what other energy companies aren’t telling you is how to go about setting it up with your retailer correctly. Luckily, Mojo is here to help! Here are the steps to getting a solar PV system installed in your home and correctly set up with Mojo;

The Solar Process:

The first thing to do for any change in your electrical set up is to consider if it’s the right option for you and your property. The best way to do this is to think about the times of day that you use energy, how many kWh you consume and what benefit you’ll be getting from the installation of solar. Solar is of the most benefit when you use energy during the peak hours of the day, when it’s most sunny.

You’ve decided solar is the right option for you. Excellent! You should tell your retailer that you’re getting solar installed and you should tell them again once it is installed so we can do our part. The best way to get a solar system installed is to get Mojo’s solar compatible, bi-directional smart meter installed FIRST. In most cases when you get a solar quote your solar installer will charge you up to $500 or $600 for a new digital electricity meter. However, if you’re with Mojo and we know you’re getting solar installed you can save this amount off the upfront cost of installation since we just happen to have one of those available at no extra cost to you in our plus plan. It’s much easier to reprogram an installed smart meter to be solar compatible remotely than it is to have your solar installers come back out and connect the solar to the meter. This saving alone could represent up to 10% off the upfront cost of the system.

Once the meter is in place, you can have your chosen solar contractor install the solar PV on your roof and connect the system into the meter. You’ll want to notify us so that we provide instructions to your installer so they know how to integrate solar into your Mojo smart meter. When the contractor is finished with the installation, they need to ensure the relevant legal documents are submitted to your distributor so that you can be assigned a solar feed in tariff. In NSW, this documentation called a CCEW (Certificate of Compliance of Electrical Work) and in Queensland it is an EWR (Electrical Work Request). Once they are notified that your site has solar, we will then remotely reprogram your smart meter to be bi-directional for solar use, which will ensure the solar operates correctly under net metering.

Solar installation steps for Plus+ customers:

  1. Tell Mojo that you plan on getting a solar system put in.
  2. Get your installer to submit a solar connection application on your behalf.
  3. Wait for our smart meter to be installed (within 6-10 weeks of transfer completion)
  4. Install your solar PV panels and have your contractor connect it to the smart meter (but don’t turn your inverter on)
  5. Ensure that the solar company submits the relevant CCEW or EWR paperwork to your distributor ASAP.
  6. Tell us that the panels have been installed and connected.
  7. We’ll remotely reprogram the meter to record solar
  8. You’re all set! You’ll start receiving feed in credit for solar exports and will be able to see your solar exports on your MyMojo portal.


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