I've signed up with Mojo, what happens next?

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After you’ve made the smart decision to become a Mojo customer, you’ll probably be pretty excited to get started. Whilst it’s all very easy, there are a few steps we need to go through – but you can just sit back and relax whilst we take care of everything.

After signing up online, you’ll hear from us on the following occasions:

Upon signing up: as you go through the sign-up process on our website, you’ll be asked to verify your identity through an email we send you. You’ll then be redirected to a verification page on our website and you can view your temporary dashboard.

After approx. 1 hour: within about an hour, we’ll send you a short email to welcome you to our Mojo family. This email will tell you what to expect after signing up (similar to this article you’re reading), as well as giving you some important information, like your account number.

After approx 3-4 business days: we’ll be in touch to confirm your Mojo rates, which are based on your postcode and its network, as well as the tariff you’re on.

Your first 10 business days: for the first 10 days you’re in the mandatory cooling off period, in which you’re free to change your mind about signing up.

After approx 11 business days: at this time, you’ll receive an invoice for your first EnergyPass® payment – which will vary depending on whether you’ve signed up for monthly or annually. (this is subject to you verifying your email when you first signed up and us being able to find your address in our system).

After approx 13-16 business days: it’s around this time that we get in touch with your current electricity provider to request to transfer your account to Mojo. Now, it’s at this point that they may offer you a discount to stay with them – to which you should question why they’re only offering this now that you’re leaving! It’s also at this stage that we’ll need to perform a special read of your meter and may require access to your property to do so - we’ll be in touch separately if this is the case.

After approx 17-30 business days: you’re now a fully signed up Mojo customer!

Monthly: on the date each month that you transferred over to Mojo, you’ll receive your bill via email.

Up to 10 weeks after joining Mojo: we’ll be in touch around this time to let you know roughly when we’ll be installing your meter. In most cases you don’t need to be in whilst we install it. However, if your meter is inaccessible, at this stage you’ll need to let us know. Once this is organised, then it's installation day - how exciting! You now have a lovely, shiny new smart meter in your home!

2 to 3 weeks after installation: at this time, the smart meter will start transmitting your electricity usage to us every half an hour. Check into your MyMojo account on our website – your usage data will start to appear here and can be viewed in real-time* and broken down into daily (and half hour) increments.

And you’re all done!

*Where available.

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